Classic Peanut Chikki

Chikki is a traditional Indian sweet.As the name suggests the taste of this variant is absolutely classic and balanced as it should be

Rajgira Peanut Chikki

A unique combination of rajgira and peanut romancing with rose to give a rich and watering taste

Jafrani Elaichi Peanut Chikki

A Royal hint of Elaichi along with peanut to give you a rich taste to prevail with you for a long time

Nagpur Orange Peanut Chikki

As the company is from nagpur which is a city of oranges .We proudly give you the best of citrus taste to refresh & reclaim your passion for for oranges

Pineapple Peanut Chikki

American Pineappple Peanut is beautiful combination of Indian traditonal taste along with rich pineapple cross over.A unique combination in itself.

Crush Peanut Chikki

Crush Peanut is peanuts being crushed along with jaggery to give in itself a new & mouth watering taste

Tender Coconut Peanut Chikki

Cocunut has a rich & a tender taste which is been infused along with jaggery and sugar to give a different & royal taste

Tilli Peanut Chikki

Tilli is always been traditionaly used to celebrate warmth & compassion of winters,So tilli been blended with jaggery to give you traditional taste

Coffee Peanut Chikki

Special Treat to coffee lovers.They say anything can happen over coffee ,try things happening on over special Italian Coffee Chikki

Dry Fruit Peanut Chikki

As the name suggests, it is a rich combination of dry fruits like cashew nut,almond,pista,saffron along with sugar ,jaggery to give you a royal taste